The Dark Six

The Shadow

Acrine Academy

In the city of wolf water, 5 adventurers sit inside of "The Juicy Chestnut", each for their own reasons. As a fight broke out in the bar, the group was recruited by a wandering wizard, Iliana Langley, to help clear her father's bad name. The group comes with Iliana to meet her father in the Lupellon Academy of the Arcane Arts, to hear his side of the story. However, instead of being greeted by a man who couldn't possibly be the Mad Wizard, they're met with a bitter slam of the Archmage's door. A few moments later, Atyus Langley opens his door once more and requests the company of ONLY Bell Nassir. Minutes later, Bel exits the office, confirming that indeed he is a mad man, however he in convinced that Iliana should look into Jysdal, the one who tarnished her father's name. 

The group travels to the main city of Acrine, where they enter the gigantic and magical Acrine Academy.



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