Iliana Langley


A girl who firmly believes in her own independence and not standing in her father’s shadow, who would yet still do anything to help her father all while trying to distance herself from her family’s name. She’s aloof to most things that don’t interest her and feverishly works towards her goals. She’s bookish and intelligent in ways most people are not, and may even be condescending without realizing she’s doing such.

Her current goal is to clear her father’s name as best she can now that she believes she has some proof that there is a reason to clear his name in the first place.


The daughter of the once great mage and founder of Acrine, Atyus Langley. Iliana is an incredibly skilled wizard, talented in the arts of Abjuration, Conjuration, and Evocation.

As a child, her father urged her toward Evocation, as this was his school of magic. She disliked the destructive nature of the art and insisted on learning conjuration in her spare time despite her father’s attempts to stop her at every turn. At a young age, her mother was killed by the orcs in retaliation for the humans taking their once sacred land, causing her to have an unnatural hatred for the orcs that most humans probably harbored after the war.

When her mother died, she stayed focused on her studies, throwing herself entirely into her craft and perfecting it on a level that even nearly surpassed her father, and at such a young age. She is determined and skilled, and would stop at nothing to gain the knowledges she desires, also making her quite the ally to anyone who is lucky enough to find her in their corner.

Iliana Langley

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