The Dark Six

The Shadow PT.2
Eye of Gruumsh

The adventurers wake up in the Soggy Lauger and meet Iliana downstairs, where they discuss the status of the magically locked journal. She suggests going to see her father about unlocking the book, but the team decides that's not the best idea since afterall, he does seem to be the madman everyone says he is. Weighing their options, the group decides to go to the Vade Mecum Anetheum so see if there are any books inside that might give them insight to breaking the magical seal. The group notices a locked book case full of a few interesting books, although perhaps none of them were quite useful. Girtha attempts to seduce the old man guarding the books by pulling out a breast, only to find that he is gay. Cersei creates a picture of Majesty to give the old man to distract him while the others break into the book case and steal all five of the special books: Magical Creatures and Where to Find Them (Chompsky), The History of Acrine (Cersei), A Deep Love (Frofarn), The Old Gods (Bel), and Dol Arrah: a Compendium (Girtha). Frofarn, thinking he is doing the noble thing, tries to remind the old man of his lover lost by showing him the book his old lover wrote for him, which alerts him to the thievery in the background, forcing the group to flee without much else but the books. 

The group regains their composure and decides to next try the shop Taboos & Voodoos, where they meet a strange shop owner of occult and grisly items, Cyna. While in the shop, Chomsky and Frofarn notice a very strange vial of blood, with the name Elyn Wake on the vial, although unsure why this seems to important at the time. They strike a deal with her that if they bring her a vial of orc blood and the bonus of orcish eyes, she will in turn give them information on how best to handle the book. Iliana does not seem amused or into this idea at all, but the group decides to do it anyway. 

They venture to the Temple of Gruumsh and lure two orcs using one of Chompsky's bunnies, and manage to defeat both orcs, including an Eye of Gruumsh. They steal their eyes and other bits, and grab a vial of blood, which they bring to Cyna. As reward, the group demands information on Elyn Wake and why this person's blood seems so strange. Pleased with their work, she tells them that they best go to the Wolve's Den and find Elyn Wake if they want to get that lock open, and that if they want to know more, they'll have to find it out on their own.

The Shadow
Acrine Academy

In the city of wolf water, 5 adventurers sit inside of "The Juicy Chestnut", each for their own reasons. As a fight broke out in the bar, the group was recruited by a wandering wizard, Iliana Langley, to help clear her father's bad name. The group comes with Iliana to meet her father in the Lupellon Academy of the Arcane Arts, to hear his side of the story. However, instead of being greeted by a man who couldn't possibly be the Mad Wizard, they're met with a bitter slam of the Archmage's door. A few moments later, Atyus Langley opens his door once more and requests the company of ONLY Bell Nassir. Minutes later, Bel exits the office, confirming that indeed he is a mad man, however he in convinced that Iliana should look into Jysdal, the one who tarnished her father's name. 

The group travels to the main city of Acrine, where they enter the gigantic and magical Acrine Academy.


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