Jysdal Neld'tlar


The current Archmage of Acrine.


A powerful sorcerer, and the leader of the magical city of Acrine. When the nation was newly born, He and his dearest friend, Atyus Langley, founded the magical capitol and second largest city, Acrine. Acrine stood as their combined vision for the magical future, that metal and magic could coexist and create an advanced society, and allow magic users to explore and expand their trade without politics or discrimination. This didn’t last long, as a feud born of greed caused the two to publicly battle with wit and words, until he convinced the nation that Atyus was mad and forced him to leave the very city he co-founded. Jysdal rules the city with a mostly disinterested stance, allowing magic users to explore and learn as best they can in whatever ways they wish, preferring to stay out of politics unless absolutely necessary. He is a very powerful and wealthy man, even comparatively to the King and Queen of Argraz.

Jysdal Neld'tlar

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